I had an chance to give a set lectures(something which I love doing) to a set of people at office. This set of lectures was on UNIX. If you know me, you would know how passionate I am about this.

So I decided to split up the task into 4 sessions. The intention of the programme was to give the participants a firm grounding from where they could go on their own, instead of spoon feeding them everything.

When I was given the requirements for the sessions I decided that I would split up the sessions as listed below.

Regular Expressions and Sed
Shell Programming

The most salient point of the entire exercise was that I used printed handouts instead of the normal power point presentations. This was done with the intention that people could use the handouts as reference material later on.

This was a right decision, I still get people telling me that was one of the most innovative ideas they had seen in a long time. The handouts helped them a lot when they were actually writing some code for some project.

There are two sets of handouts, one for the instructor and another for the student. You can download a copy of the handouts from the menu of the right of the page.

I have also written up a tutorial on using the "ed" text editor here.