I was born one sunny afternoon during the winter of 1983 in Mumbai. After two years my parents shifted to Hyderabad because, Dad's company opened up a new branch in Hyderabad and he was supposed to set up the unit. We were in Hyderabad for 10 years. During that time, I did my schooling in Little Flower High school then at St. Patrick's High School. I don't have many memories about the place. But I made a very close friend whom I still like to keep in touch.

It was in 1995 that Dad's company decided to unify all their divisions in Bangalore and that year we moved to Bangalore. This was probably one of the most important decision we made and we don't regret it. I did my schooling at Bethany High School, Koramangala. This is where I received enlightenment about computers sitting on under one of the nodes of the lan in school in deep meditation. I owe this realisation to my head of the computer science department, Pankaj sir.

I finished my 10th standard under the ICSE board in 1998. After this I joined Christ College for first and second PUC. This is equivalent to 11th and 12th standard in ICSE and CBSE. My specialization was Electronics. To be honest in the beginning I actually cribbed about taking the subject. I wanted to join St. Josephs which had computer Science. But I took up Christ College. Though it was not very easy, it went on well. But then I realized it made life really easy for me in engineering because we had a subject on electronics, and more over it helped me develop another hobby. I learned how to build hobby circuits. I must say that is an interesting hobby.

I'm a HAM, call sign VU3BIU.

I used to work for a company called Torry Harris Business Solutions as a software engineer, guess I was pretty good cause they gave me a certificate that said nice things about me. But then one fine day inspiration to do my masters hit me and right now I'm at the Computer science department of North Carolina State University doing my masters in Computer Science. I'm really interested in Artificial Intelligence.

I also interned at Verisign Inc over the summer of 2008 and again since I did a good job my very nice manager told me that I could work for them over Fall too I agreed cause I had tonnes of fun working there. I really enjoyed my work at Verisign, met some really nice people, learnt quite a lot and most importantly I visited almost all the Smithsonian Museums.

I love programming, making circuits, long distance cycling, free software, Linux. I'm proud to say that I'm a member of the church choir. I hate lazy people, hypocrites, and politicians of all sizes and shapes.

Version: 3.1
GCS/E/IT d-(+)? s-():-() a-- C++(++++) ULC*++(+++) P+++(++++)>$ L++(++++)>$ E(+++)>$ !W+(++)>$ !N !o K--? !w !O !M !V PS+(++) !PE !Y PGP-(+++)>$ !t !5 !X !R tv? b++(+++)>$ DI D>$ !G>$ e++(+++)$ h(++) !r(++) !y

I swear by the emacs text editor, because of its extreme versatility and programability. Configuring emacs is an art in its self. I have put up my insanely large emacs config on this site. It was originally culled of another site. I have made some additions to the file which you probably might not have on your computer. This may cause a bit of trouble when starting the editor. Commenting the appropriate lines will prevail over all evil.

I'm currently working on the cogworks project that contributes towards the requirements for my thesis. This project touches on aspects of cognitive modelling, software engineering, computer supported collaborative work and knowledge representation. Robert St. Amant was my advisor. We published a paper based on the work I had done, it won the best paper award at the Brims 2010 conference at Charleston, SC.

I have since moved on from being a poor student. I now work for Salesforce.com. I also dabble with photography, apprently some editor at National geographic thought that a photo of mine was worth being the editors favourite a the national geographic photo contest 2011.