You can call this my show off page. I absolutely love every project I have done till today. Each of them has always had some sort of trademark that distinguished them as a "Reuben" project. Size is not always the criteria for me to like a project, but how powerful and useful it is to me and everybody else at the end of the day.

Most of the projects here have been done under directions of the university. It is a fact that most people under VTU do not do their projects and take the easy route of copying the project of the net and putting their name as authors of the projects. I must say that from a point of a person who has managed all the projects on my own this really rankles me to no end. But then again on the long run we see that people who do all their projects on their own tend to fare better in the competitive software industry.

Now the problem is that VTU has scraped most of the projects for people under computer science in the junior batches. I do not support this move. The point I suppose the university scrapped the projects is that people copied projects. But I must say doing a project is always a learning experience. Not only do you learn about the technical aspects of the subject, you also learn other important skills such as time management, skills needed to make presentations etc. I hope the university puts back the projects into the curriculum atleast for the sake of the few honest students who will benefit.

I'm not going to be putting up my projects on this site, it is not because that I don't believe in free software, on the contrary I believe software must be free. The point is almost all the projects are copied of websites like this. Yes though I will discuss all the projects and give hints about how to go about implementing them. I can't discuss implementations of all projects as every body else might have chosen a different project. I would discuss implementation of projects in detail which every body has to implement in common like the text editor and the graphics editor.