[15 December 2019,10:18:40 AM PST]

Added a new page for the tree diff algorithm I implemented.

[14 September 2019,03:06:40 PM PDT]

Just a test to validate if this still works.

[29 March 2012,01:04:50 AM PDT]

Updated the about me, so now you know that I work at Salesforce.com

[04 May 2011,06:30:38 AM PDT]

Updated the photo album section to display a slide show from my flickr account.

[04 May 2011,06:15:19 AM PDT]

Updated the about me page to include the Brims 2010 paper. Also updated the broken miscellaneous page link.

[22 December 2009,09:35:23 PM EST]

I have added a curious new section to this site. It is my brain dump exported from my org mode files. You can get a glimpse of stuff I read by looking at it here

[25 November 2009,02:03:38 PM EST]

Added a recipe for Murgh Do Piaza here.

[23 September 2009,07:17:01 PM EDT]

Added pepper rasam recipe here

[13 September 2009,07:06:06 PM EDT]

Added a new script that compiles articles in to a nice format. Details and the source can be found on the "Scripts used to generate the pages " page.

[12 September 2009,08:56:08 PM EDT]

As you can see I am beginning to change the typography on the website so as to make it more readable. I have changed the font to georgia that should be available on almost all computers. I have also changed the color of the font to black for higher contrast with the background. I have also set the line spacing to 1.5 em so as to give more space between lines. More changes coming soon!!!

[13 May 2009,03:31:44 PM EDT]

Added a page that describes how to compile lisp programs to binaries using sbcl here.Generating executables for lisp using SBCLcompile_sbcl.html

[05 May 2009,01:07:51 PM EDT]

Major update, changed the webhosting service. Right now am hosting the site off Super Dimension Fortress. Also I have changed the order of items on the Left menu.

[25 February 2009,02:23:45 PM EST]

Added recipe for rasam here.

[02 February 2009,02:06:48 PM EST]

Added a page for the Indian national anthem here. Updated my resume.

[22 August 2008,03:48:57 AM EDT]

Make necessary entries as required by course 712 on the website. Also added my resume.

[03 April 2008,12:30:46 AM EDT]

Added a logo on the main page indicating the site's lisp heritage. The logo was designed by Conrad Barski, and it is available from here.

[27 March 2008,11:51:14 PM EDT]

Added a recipe for buffalo wings here.

[27 March 2008,02:10:00 AM EDT]

This is quite a major update to the site. I've put up a photo album and a cooking section on the website. I've fixed the fonts. Made a whole lot of changes to the backend....etc...etc... This would be a major version release if this was software.

[11 July 2007,10:48:17 PM SST]

Well...here it a change after ages...I hope I'm able to make an entry into this page more frequently. I have made some major changes, the backend HTML will be generated by a lisp script. I have also added a tutorial on ed. This is something that I wanted to do for quite a while, it can be found here

[06 September 2006,09:19:33 PM IST]

Yes, finally one more update. I have put up the handouts of the UNIX sessions which I had taken at office. They can be downloaded from here.

[23 September 2005,10:00:19 PM IST]

Ah...This update was long overdue, I've put in a miscellaneous section. I will be expanding this further. But for now I have only a section on the Karnataka 1000 rally for which I volunteered as a member of the communication group.

[06 August 2005,07:41:42 PM IST]

Added an about me page.

[03 August 2005,06:44:26 PM IST]

This page is new. I've added the script used to generate this page here.