I don't like using graphical front end tools for my web pages. I feel they are an insult to whatever little intellect I have. I also hate typing in HTML tags when I'm writing. It tends to distract you from what you have in mind.

So I came up with a simple solution. I wrote a set of scripts that generate HTML. I simply write the contents in a simple text file. With some simple markups. The scripts run on the file and generate the necessary HTML which is checked up by "tidy".

I felt that these scripts deserved a section on the site. The scripts here are specifically customised for me. You can download these scripts and modify them for your personal use.These scripts have to be used only under the gnu gpl license.

I have done a major revamp of the scripts on the website. As of now all HTML for new pages will be generated from a lisp script. Currently only the formatting of code sections is handled by a perl script. The reason for this change was mainly due to the fact that I had to learn lisp. But along the way I learnt quite a bit more. Will share these experiences as I go along. Currently the lisp script is not very nice...but I will keep on tuning it as I go ahead.

I added photoalbum generation code to the main lisp script. In the input files I just specify the file names and the captions, the script takes care of generating the html in the right order.

I will soon be starting sections where I describe seminal/important papers in computer science and I wanted those pages to be beautiful and also easy to navigate. As a result I wrote a new script to compile those files. This script uses the Lisp HTML generator as a base and builds on top of it. This script can be found at the "Lisp article page compiler" link in the right menu.